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Stateside Bingo Software

What is it ?
Bingo caller software for 75 number bingo (for Windows PC's only).
Card printer.
Card verifier.

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Some of the new features:
7 day licenses - for those users who may only need to use the full software once but don’t want to pay full price.
Random wild numbers - up to 2 random wild numbers can be used in each game. First/second number generated by the software decide the wilds.
Random power balls - up to 5 random power ball numbers can be used in each game.
Manual power balls - up to 5 manually picked power ball numbers can be used in each game.
Game sheet printing - prints a copy of the session manager so you or the players can see what’s coming up next.
Data logging - the software logs all called numbers, game type, winning numbers, winning card number (if using software printed cards), power ball numbers, total numbers called etc. for each game. Data is saved as a .csv file so you can load it into your preferred spreadsheet software.
Unused flashboard numbers - unused flashboard numbers can now be colored with a user definable color.
Rescue last session - very useful if the game was stopped mid-game/mid-session for any reason (computer crash/power failure etc.)
Setup Wizard - to help guide first time users through some of the many options.

General features

The Session Manager is where you setup your bingo sessions. You can save your session information and reload it later which is ideal if you play regularly.
Dropdown selectors make it easy to use.

Stateside Bingo Session Manager

Bingo cards

Stateside Bingo red card
Stateside Bingo green bingo card with pattern shading
Stateside Bingo olive bingo card with inverse pattern shading
Stateside Bingo cards with user defined column letters

Bingo patterns

Stateside bingo pattern editor

Bingo caller

Stateside Bingo large pattern graphic displayed before calling begins
Stateside Bingo caller

Bingo checker

Stateside Bingo checker showing a winning pattern
Stateside Bingo checker showing a power ball winning line