Are you looking for software that let’s you play bingo at home, in the village hall or pub ?
Thinking of using bingo as a fund-raiser for your school or other good causes ?

Do you want to print your own tickets ?
Do you want the software to call out the numbers ?
Do you want the software to check and verify the winning tickets ?

If so, why not take a look at the Lee’s Bingo software - it can do all of the above and more...

New features Some of the new features in version 7

  • QR codes (2 dimensional barcodes)
    These can be printed or displayed on-screen and allow session data, ticket numbers and user defined text and colour information to be easily transferred to any players running the Touch Tickets 90 app on Android devices
  • Auto verification of the tickets we sell !!
    It’s now possible for the software to automatically check the tickets we sell
  • 4 new game modes for 90 number bingo (due to popular demand)
    4 corners and full house
    Pyramid and full house
    Upside down pyramid and full house
    Any 10 numbers and full house
  • 7 new game modes for 80 number bingo (also by popular demand)
    Red and white lines only
    Yellow and blue lines only
    Top and bottom lines only
    Middle two lines only
    Red line only
    Red line and full house (with a free square in the top left)
    Full house only (with a free square in the top left)
  • Layout editor for second display
    The editor can now be used to rearrange the second display too.
  • 7 day licences
    For those users who may only need to use the full software once but don’t want to pay full price.
  • Increased the amount of tickets the user can input
    The user can now input up to 99999 90 number tickets.


General features General features

  • The software uses an easy to use ‘tabbed page’ interface.
  • The session manager helps you organise your bingo sessions. Save your sessions and reload them at any time - ideal if you play bingo regularly. It’s easy to use and edit.

Setting up a bingo session with the 'Session Manager'

  • It runs full screen (no Taskbar or menus etc. showing) for a neat professional look. It also has an option to run in a maximised window.
  • It has 3 bingo games built in - regular bingo, backwards bingo (sometimes called Irish or stand-up bingo) which both use 90 numbers and quick bingo which uses 80 numbers.
  • All data saved to a folder of your choice to make it easy for you to find/backup.
  • Easily record your own bingo caller voice files using the built-in voice recorder (a microphone is required).
  • Can be used with a second display device if it’s available (extended desktop). Can also be used with a display that has been rotated 90 degrees (portrait) if required.
  • Option to play a ‘Snowball’ game. Set a maximum amount of numbers to be called.
  • Option to play a sound if the snowball game is won. The sound can be changed for one of your own if required.
  • Option to play a sound when the last snowball number is called. The sound can be changed to one of your own if required.
  • Option to play by proper bingo rules with no late claims allowed or to allow late claims which is ideal for beginners and children.
  • Print or display QR codes to allow the session data to be loaded onto the players Android devices running the Touch Tickets 90 app
A QR code for a 5 game session


Bingo tickets Bingo tickets
  • Print your own unique bingo tickets (no two tickets are alike - guaranteed).
  • Print up to 12600 90 number tickets and up to 19950 80 number tickets.
  • Print from 1 to 500 sheets of bingo tickets with 1 click of the mouse.
  • Have the numbers on your tickets printed normal, bold or jumbo to make them really stand out.
  • Print a header (user defined) at the top of each set of tickets.
  • 90 number tickets can have an optional second header printed half way down the page for 3 ticket flyers.
  • Print user definable text inside the border of the tickets. Ideal for game number, page number or whatever you want.
  • Print coloured borders around your tickets. Choose from 15 different colours or print in black and white. You can change the 15 default colours to anything you like. Make your own bingo books.
  • Print a user definable website URL (or other text) on the tickets - great for advertising your business etc.
  • Each ticket has it’s own serial number clearly printed in the corner for quick and easy automatic verification.
  • Start printing at any serial number.
  • Add a background image, great for special occasions. Several images supplied and you can add your own.


    90 number tickets

  • Regular and backwards bingo tickets are 15 squares wide x 3 squares high and a strip of 6 has the numbers from 1 to 90 appearing only once. **
  • This software can print Standard (12 per sheet), Large (3 per sheet) or Extra Large (1 per sheet) regular tickets.

Regular bingo tickets standard size     Regular bingo tickets with optional extra headers     Regular bingo tickets with background image

Regular bingo tickets large size with bold font          Regular bingo tickets extra large size with jumbo font


    80 number tickets

  • Quick bingo tickets are 4 squares wide x 4 squares high and a strip of 5 has the numbers 1 to 80 appearing only once. Each column is a different colour. **
  • This software can print Standard (10 per sheet), Large (2 per sheet) or Extra Large (1 per sheet) quick tickets.

Quick bingo tickets standard size     Quick bingo tickets with background image     Quick bingo tickets large size with bold font

Quick bingo tickets extra large size with jumbo font

Bingo caller Bingo caller
  • The software can generate random numbers for the bingo caller to call out, or use automatic voice calling (1 demo voice file is included for regular/backwards and quick bingo)

Regular (90 number) bingo caller     Quick (80 number) bingo caller

  • If you prefer (or need) to use a cage or blower to draw the numbers then this software can be used as a display device/checker only.
  • The current game number and ticket colour are shown on the screen.
  • Pause and restart the calling at any time.
  • Use multiple voices if you have them. The software will pick one at random for each number.
  • Manual or fully automatic calling with variable time between numbers (3 to 30 seconds) - ideal for all ages and abilities.
  • Turn speech on or off at any time.
  • Change the colour of almost anything on the callers screen.
  • Change the text that appears on the buttons and labels to your liking.
  • Option to have ‘Bingo Lingo’ appearing on-screen. This can be easily edited to suit your own favourite sayings.
  • Change the background image of the callers screen (.bmp, .jpg, .gif, .wmf and .png supported) or have a plain solid colour.
Bingo checker Bingo checker
  • Type in the serial number of the winning ticket and see it instantly displayed on the screen.
    This feature is only available for tickets printed by this software, purchased from this site or manually input by the user.
    No other types of tickets can be auto-verified.

Regular (90 number) bingo checker showing a false claim     Quick (80 number) bingo checker showing a false claim

  • The software will mark off all the numbers that have been called and will even show you if it’s a winner or not.
  • Manual checking is also an option.
  • Undo/Redo buttons to step back/forward through the called numbers.
  • An option to show the ‘history ribbon’ (displayed underneath the flashboard) which shows all previously called numbers (in the order they were called) and shows where the game was stopped and won.

** - These features are only available after registration.


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