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Everything you need for a great game of bingo

Software: Lee’s Bingo software with caller, ticket printing and checking (free demo available)
Bingo tickets: flyers and books (from 2 to 6 page)
Markers: Jumbo pens and dabbers
Kits: Bingo starter kits
Apps: ‘Bingo Tickets 90’ electronic bingo tickets and ‘Lee’s Bingo RC’ remote control

Lee’s Bingo Software - Version 7

Lees bingo 90 number bingo caller

Lee’s Bingo Software

Lees bingo 80 number bingo caller

Bingo calling, ticket printing and ticket checking in one easy to use software package
Play 3 different types of bingo - ‘Regular’ and ‘Backward’ 90 number bingo and ‘Quick’ 80 number bingo
Ideal for family entertainment, parties, fund raising, schools, pubs and clubs etc.
Lots more information on the software page
Free demo available - why not try it right now ?
Windows 8 compatible.
Recommended by Which Bingo - read the review here





Jumbo pensJumbo pens

0.20 each


Bingo dabbersBingo dabbers

0.65 each

Bullet point
Available in 4 colours


43 ml bottle
Available in 5 designs




90 Number Flyers


90 Number Books

90 number bingo flyers90 number bingo flyers

Prices start at 0.26


90 number bingo books90 number bingo books

Prices start at 0.89

UK manufactured. 6 to view
Various colours available


UK manufactured. 6 to view
2 to 6 page books available





Bingo starter kitsStarter kits

From 26.99

Includes software, tickets and pens (or dabbers)
Everything you need in one convenient package




Bingo Tickets 90 (Android app)


Lee’s Bingo RC (Android app)

Touch Tickets 90


Lee's Bingo RC (remote control)

Electronic bingo tickets for phones and tablets
Compatible with Lee’s Bingo software
Get it from the Google Play store
More information on the Bingo tickets 90 page


Remote control for Lee’s Bingo software
Operate the software from your phone or tablet
More information on the lees bingo rc page




Free delivery on all orders of 75.00 or more Free delivery on all orders of 75.00 or more !!

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