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Latest news 15/5/20
Shop is open :-) but due to the ever present Covid-19 threat and the fact that I work from home and am protecting elderly/vulnerable family members around me (as well as myself) I will have to re-assess this on a daily basis, I'm sure you'll understand.
Currently I'm only selling the stock I have on hand, no new stock is incoming in the near future so please don't order more than is shown on the product pages (if in doubt please email me before placing your order).
If I don't have what you want: If you need tickets that are compatible with Lees Bingo V8 please try here https://clubandeventsupplies.co.uk/product-category/bingo-tickets/ (in the spirit of goodwill we are working together !) and look for the Edward Thompson tickets. Please contact the webmaster there if you need any more details.
Despatch and delivery Also please note that despatch time and delivery time may be longer than normal.

How I'm helping: For the time being I'm making 1 month licences for Lee's Bingo, Stateside Bingo and Easy Raffle available free of charge to help spread some cheer around the world. This will be reviewed on a regular basis. Of course if you'd like to purchase a longer licence I'd appreciate it.

Refresh this page to see any updates.

Stay safe !

Welcome to Lee's Bingo

Bingo is great for parties, fund raising, pubs, clubs, schools and fun for all the family.

Here you'll find just about everything you need for a great game of bingo...
Bingo caller software (in both 90 ball and 75 ball varieties), tickets, pens, dabbers, and even bingo apps.

Why not try a free demo of the bingo caller software, you can even print your own tickets and get started right away.
Or, if you prefer, you can have electronic tickets on your phone or tablet with the 'Bingo Tickets 90' app.

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